Rev Laura Tria Living Life In Balance: Mind, Body, Spirit

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Whether it is a spiritual conversation or a corporate session, depending on your space, it takes moments to create a atmosphere conducive to a less stressful conversation or teaching.  We learn best without glaring lights and with just a touch of soft dimension added to a room.

New Light Sanctuary Spiritual Center is not an address!  New Light Sanctuary is an Essence that is mobile and stationary!  It provides family services, corporate Services and individual services, an unending variety of spiritual teachings and alternative theologies, (ie. Studies on The Art of Meditation, Reiki, The Chakra System, The Feminine Divine, Chanting, Drumming and more) as well as traditional religious services. We also provide life coach training as well as group life coaching sessions. New Light Sanctuary comes to you either in your home, on the Internet, in New York or in Charleston, SC.  We are in the spiritual human service business. 

"Your Community's Sacred Space to Learn, Grow and Connect"

New Light Sanctuary